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10 Sexy Women With Weedstaches Part 1

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Probably the only time I find a stache attractive on a women, is when it’s a weedstache. Using either actual weed or a blunt, there’s something oddly sexy about it. Here are 10 sexy women with weedstaches.

15 Instagram Cuties In The Clouds Part 1

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What better way to show yourself taking flight than to post it on Instagram? These babes, using various forms of flight transportation, are reaching new heights. Here are 15 Instagram cuties in the clouds.

10 Vine Videos of Girls Who Smoke Weed

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Ah the internet and technology. We’ve come from 56k dial-up to now being able to watch women light it up on Vine! Here are 10 Vine videos of girls who smoke weed.

11 Sexy Stoners Shotgunning Smoke

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I’m still trying to figure out why this is so sexy. Perhaps it’s just hella erotic for a girl to blow smoke into another girl’s mouth.

8 Hipster Stoner Chicks Part 1

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The defining feature of a stoner babe is pretty obvious. The defining feature of a hipster chick is pretty subjective. With that in mind, here are 8 hipster stoner chicks, with the shared feature of being cool and stoned.

Cannabis Cutie of the Month: Nichole

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This month’s cannabis cutie is Nichole, rocking fits from GRNEWYORK, and a glass piece from Illuzion Glass.

12 Hippie Stoner Chicks Part 1

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There is something inherently hippie about a stoner babe. Whether it’s their free spiritedness, or free lovingness, there’s no denying their sexiness. Here are 12 hippie stoner chicks who fit all three.

Cannabis Cuties of the 420 Denver Rally

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Our 4/20 weekend saw a celebration of peace and freedom, as well as a plethora of stoner chicks. Here are some of our favorite cannabis cuties of the 420 Denver Rally

10 Ganja Girls With Glasses Part 1

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These sophisticated stoners know how to blaze. It could be just their frames, or the weed, but who can complain when the two are combined? Check out these 10 ganja girls with glasses.

Stoner Girl Apparel From Bong Beauties

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You think men are the predominant stoners? Women are known to get blazed too. Cue Bong Beauties. This brand aims to cater to the female stoner demographic, offering them tees, headbands and even vape holders.

13 Baked Blonde Babes Part 1

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Ah the standard of beauty. Blonde hair and big…eyes. Check out these 13 baked blonde babes of various blondeness, who are def in the clouds.

16 Pretty Potheads With No Pants Part 1

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When it comes to getting high for women, wearing pants is optional. That’s totally fine with us. Here are 16 pretty potheads with no pants on. The more comfortable the better I say.

10 Stoner Babe Gifs Part 1

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What better way to capture the beauty of women and smoking than a gif. It’s like instant video! Check out these 10 stoner babe gifs, preferably high, (Or not, it’s all the same).

12 Cannabis Cuties On Instagram

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These babes on Instagram straight flexin! Here are 12 cannabis cuties on instagram that are blowing smoke and lookin cute. Definitely follow them on Instagram.

10 Tattooed Stoner Babes Part 1

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Something sexy about a girl with tattoos, and a girl that smokes weed. Combine the 2 and that’s double the points. Here are 10 tattooed stoner babes that probably can smoke more weed than you.

10 Sexy Asian Stoner Girls Part 1

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Asian chicks and weed, is there no better combination? Who doesn’t like a sexy girl who already looks high? Here is a list of 10 sexy asian stoner girls.

Which Spring Breaker Would You Get High With?

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No doubt you’ve seen the promos and trailers for this potentially epic movie. You can’t go wrong with former Disney stars gone bad, plus one always blazed James Franco. But we ask the question. Which Spring Breaker would you get high with?

5 Random Weed Facts + Sexy Women

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Random weed facts juxtaposed onto beautiful women? I think I would have had better grades in school if this type of teaching was implemented.

7 Bangin Bong Babes, Part 1

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Girls that know how to use bongs get a +2 in my book. There’s just something ridiculously sexy about a girl ripping a bong.