Stoner celebrity and movie articles.

Miley Cyrus Smokes a Joint at MTV EMAs

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Apparently she can’t stop, and won’t stop! Along with adding twerking and sticking her tongue out, Miley Cyrus is quickly establishing pot usage to her persona.

Why Are Pot Smokers Skinny?

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This infographic takes a look on how the stoner crowd stays skinny (not necessarily translating to healthy sometimes lol). Here’s some answers to the question, why are pot smokers skinny?

6 National Stoner Friendly Cities

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Looking to travel around the states and wanted to find some stoner friendly cities? Word, we got you covered. Here are 6 National Stoner Friendly Cities.

Grand Theft Auto V Smoke on the Water

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If you don’t know what Smoke on the Water is by now then it is apparent you haven’t played Grand Theft Auto V.

Cannabis 101 – Why The Term Bud?

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Hey you! Yes you!  Pass that joint and pay attention.  It’s Cannabis 101 – Why the term bud?  Brought to you by professor NextLevelEvolution.

Where Did Cannabis Come From?

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Do you know where Cannabis came from?  Well if not, you’re about to!  We’re back with Cannabis 101 – Where did cannabis come from?  Courtesy of NextLevelEvolution.

How Long Have Humans Been Using Cannabis?

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Before this age of pharmaceutical medicine, we were using whatever the earth gave us.  With that being said, we’ve been using cannabis as a natural remedy for a long time.  We bring you Cannabis 101 – How Long Have Humans Been Using Cannabis? Courtesty of NextLevelEvolution.

What Is A Strain?

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I hope you ate your banana and oatmeal this morning, we’re back with Cannabis 101 – What is a strain?  Brought to you by NextLevelEvolution.

7 Zombie Movies to Watch Blazed

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Remember when you had to blaze to make a zombie movie even remotely good? Ya, that was lame. Good zombie movies are few but they do exist. Here are 7 Zombie Movies to Watch Blazed.

8 TV Shows to Watch High on Netflix

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Sometimes there’s just nothing better then packing a bowl, putting your feet up and turning on something awesome to watch while you unwind from your day. The only question now is “what should I watch?” 

10 Myths About Marijuana & Why They’re Absurd

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Every stoner has enjoyed a good laugh over some of the ridiculous things that some people say about marijuana. It’s absurd how many lies are floating around about the plant and what it actually does to the human brain and body.

Boston, MA Screening of American Drug War 2

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If you’re in the Boston, MA area, you should definitely reserve tickets to a screening of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny.

What is the Legal Status of Weed in Your State?

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What is the legal status of weed in your state?  Check using this dope map Rolling Stone recently published.  I truly feel for those in the super sketch states!

Top Secret Stoner Menu by Stonerdays

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Need to spice up your routine?  How about ordering a secret item from one of your favorite fast food restaurants?

Fabolous We Get High (Official Video)

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This is one of the best tracks to throw on, spark one up and just chill.  

American Drug War 2 by Kevin Booth

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While cannabis use is definitely a relaxing and enjoying activity, for others it is much more than that.  If you’ve ever had the experience of a sick family member or friend, you know that you would try anything to help that person.

Snoopify App – Now you can be an OG too

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Looking for a new app to keep you and your friends entertained for hours?  Check out Snoop Lion’s new app Snoopify.

9 Stoner Movie Characters We Can Relate To

By |May 30th, 2013|Categories: Entertainment|Tags: , , |

Have you ever watched a movie and felt connected to a stoner character? You both had a lot in common whether you wanted to admit it or not? Well today we have a list of 9 stoner movie characters we can relate to.

8 Disney Princesses Smoking Weed

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Disney has known to include adult themes into their movies. But leave it to the internet to take it from subliminal to reality. Here are 8 Disney Princesses smoking weed.

5 Minimal Stoner Movie Posters Part 1

By |May 21st, 2013|Categories: Entertainment|Tags: , , , |

We’ve combined the classic minimal poster design style, with stoner movies. What better way to get at a stoner movie’s core (aka weed & laughter between buddies)? Here are 5 minimal stoner movie posters.

6 Video Games That Will Blow Your High

By |April 24th, 2013|Categories: Entertainment|Tags: , , |

Have you ever played a game that actually scared you? We have too and we have a list of games that do just that.

12 Trippy Pics To Wrinkle Your Brain

By |April 19th, 2013|Categories: Entertainment|Tags: , , |

Sometimes the brain likes to explore things that are different.  Here are 12 trippy pics to help wrinkle your brain.  Have fun!

10 Trippy Pics While Stoned Part 1

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Want to have a unique time while high?  Spend some time looking at these 10 trippy pics.

Pineapple Express 2: Red Band Trailer

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The dynamic stoner duo are back with another adventure…or are they? (It is April 1st). Check out the Pineapple Express 2 red band trailer from Yahoo! Movies

Which Spring Breaker Would You Get High With?

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No doubt you’ve seen the promos and trailers for this potentially epic movie. You can’t go wrong with former Disney stars gone bad, plus one always blazed James Franco. But we ask the question. Which Spring Breaker would you get high with?