Marijuana memes and cannabis humor.

Drunk Vs Stoned

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Drunk vs Stoned.  What impairs you more?  BuzzFeed takes alcohol and weed to the test with Drunk vs Stoned.

Top 10 Highdeas of All Time

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Sometimes when you get stoned inspiration strikes and you swear by the gods that you have a genius idea.  The site Highdeas allows users to upload their best high ideas while allowing other users to upvote their favorites.  Here are the Top 10 Highdeas of All Time.

7 Smoker Classifications

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There are many things people call those who engage in marijuana smoking activities, and today we are going to list a few. Here are 7 Smoker Classifications.

10 LOL Random Weed Humor Pics

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When I first started getting high it seemed weed made everything x 100 funnier.  What a great fucking plant.  Laughter does good like medicine right?

5 Winter Olympic Stoners

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In honor of the Winter Olympics we bring you Winter Olympians who are stoners and also suspected to be stoners.

5 Famous Stoners Throughout History

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Throughout history there have been tons of influential stoners. These people have greatly affected our lifestyles today. Here are 5 famous stoners throughout history.

5 Things Hungry Stoners Say When High

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There are some things we tend to say when we are high, and even more things when we’re hungry! Here are 5 things hungry stoners say when high.

7 College Stoner Tips

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If you’re a college student who enjoys marijuana as much as we did then here are a few tips to keep you under the radar. Here are 7 College Stoner Tips.

Comedian Rory Scovel Conan O’Brien – Weed Jokes

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Rory Scovel jokes about the bright side of pot on the Conan O’Brien show.

10 Best Tweets From Really High Guy Meme

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Admit it.  You’re sometimes this guy.  Or at least one of your stoner buddy’s is.  Here are the 10 best tweets from the really high guy meme.

Stoners with a Time Machine (Web Series)

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Stoners with a Time Machine combines slackerdom and science fiction in a web series that follows three stoner roommates and their ineffectual, often chaotic, use of time travel.

Histagrams: Historical Moments Posted On Instagram

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What did Moses really encounter at the burning bush? Check out these Histagrams: Historical Moments Posted On Instagram.

Key & Peele Stoner Skits

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Comedic geniuses Key & Peele def bring marijuana to the mainstream in their skits. Great to see cannabis shown in a comedic light, than the negative norm we typically see on the news. Here are three Key & Peele Stoner Skits.

Katt Williams: Weed Is Not A Drug Animation

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The guys over at certifiedfunny.com added an animated touch to the classic comedian. Here is Katt Williams: Weed Is Not A Drug Animation.

Oreos Are As Addictive As Cocaine

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The new millennium has brought a new awareness to addictive and unhealthy products and now that list includes Oreos. Scientists recently conducted studies where they found that Oreos are as addictive as cocaine. Yes, Oreos.

7 Stoner Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is approaching fast and we have some stoner Halloween costumes ideas for you guys to mull over. Here are 7 Stoner Halloween Costumes.

Dabbed Out Girl

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We have all heard of people passing out from dabs and today we’ve found footage of that. This young lady went to hard in the paint. Here is a Dabbed Out Girl.

5 Signs Your Dealer Might Be A Cop

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There are things worse than an inconsistent dealer and that is a dealer who might be an undercover cop. Here are 5 Signs Your Dealer Might Be A Cop.

6 Places You Shouldn’t Be High

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As ridiculous as this may sound for some of you, there are a few scenarios where you shouldn’t be high. Today we give you those socially unacceptable scenarios for those of you who may be unaware. Here are 5 Places You Shouldn’t Be High.

3 High School Stoner Flicks

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There are three core movies that make up the high school stoner genre and these three will forever be classics.

Lifeguards Find Pot On Gulfstream Park Beach

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Imagine sitting on a warm beach, watching the waves hit the shore, when all of a sudden, you hear some commotion. Looking down the beach, you see a lifeguard pulling what looks like a big soggy roll of seaweed out of the ocean.

10 Party Animals We Want To Blaze With

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Ever watch a movie and found a character you wish you could blaze and party with in real life? Well, you aren’t the only ones. Here are 10 Party Animals We Want To Blaze With.

5 Stoner Dance Moves

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Bust out these moves next time you’re in the club, hopefully super high of course. Here are 5 Stoner Dance Moves.

5 Shady Marijuana Dealer Signs

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Do you ever find yourself in moments where you have to question your dealer and the things that he says or does? Glad we aren’t the only ones. Here are 5 shady marijuana dealer signs.

6 Things Girls Say When Getting High For The First Time

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There might be a stigma that heavy stoners are all men, but we’ve met some serious stoner chicks. But these heavy stoner babes all had to start somewhere. Here are 6 Things Girls Say When Getting High For The First Time. (Written by a dude of course :p)