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Pipe Jewelry From Boro Ballers

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There are all kinds of glass out there these days, from chillums to rigs. Every piece is different and some are incredibly complex, while others are simple. I’ve seen tons of different pieces over the years but I have to say I think I’ve found a new favorite!

NY Stoner Style With Chronical Designs

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These bright and colorful kush clothes from Chronical Designs will be sure to turn heads. With styles for both men and women, there’s something for everyone who dig eclectic styles.

THC Shirt From Marijuana Models

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For all the ladies who are down with THC, this shirt from Marijuana Models is a must.

Dank iPhone Cases from Weed Porn Daily

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Nothing says “I support cannabis” more than having it shown on your phone. Now you can do so in style with these dope (and SFW) iPhone cases from Weed Porn Daily

Tank Tops From Kush Friendly Clothing

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Now you can be friends with everyone with these tank tops from Kush Friendly Clothing.

Grab Bag Duct Tape Lighters from #highundlow

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These grab bag duct tape lighters come from our very own Miss Botwin! With multiple designs, there is bound to be one that fits your personality.

Own A Piece of NYC With GRNEWYORK

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Graffiti Runs New York. That’s the motto, and now you run NYC with these tanks from GRNEWYORK.

15 Fashionable Stoner Babes

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Bringing new meaning to the term “high fashion”. These baked beauties know how to dress to impress. Here are 15 Fashionable Stoner Babes.

Women Weed and Weather: Tanks From Umbrella Clothing

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You’ll never be under the weather with these tanks from Umbrella Clothing. With many more designs for men and women, we highlight the more stoner inspired designs.

Sophisticated Stoner Apparel From GPPR Clothing

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Gentlemen by night, philosophers by night, perverts by choice, rebels by fate. This is the slogan for GPPR CLothing.

Summer Blazed with Stoner Days Tanks

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You’ve seen them online from Facebook to Instagram. Now the famous brand is gearing up for summer with their Stoner Days Tanks for women, as well as tees for men.

Vandals Clothing Brings The Rukus

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Vandals Clothing / The Rukus Clothing Co embody inspirations from hip-hop and pop culture. This LA based apparel company brings gritty, yet clean and visually impactful designed tees for both women and men.

Women’s Tank Tops From 420 Fly Apparel

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Just in time for summer are these fly tanks from 420 Fly Apparel. Flyness included.

Weed Watch: Zicon Apparel

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A new era is upon us, and that is the Zicon era. Selling exclusive High Times Cannabis Cup tees as well as originals, Zicon Apparel is bringing you everything you want, when you don’t know you want it

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DIY Meets THC With MissHotBoxes

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With the booming DIY industry, Etsy has created a platform to allow small home businesses to sell their merch. Stoners are also included on this list, and that’s where MissHotBoxes comes in.

Snapbacks from Purple Diamond Clothing

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Just in time for summer, are these dope snapbacks from Purple Diamond Clothing. These limited edition snapbacks are custom 1 of 1 cut and sew jobs, so no two are alike.

Weed Watch: Blaze and Go Bags from Citi Kitti

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Women seem to always get all the cool stuff when it comes to weed concealing accessories. Now with these Blaze and Go Bags from Citi Kitti, you can conceal in style.


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With summer on the way, tanks are starting to pop up in the wardrobe que. One item that you should def add is the WFAYO drip tanks.

Cannabis Cutie of the Month: Missy

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This month’s Cannabis cutie is Missy, rockin’ gear from GRNEWYORK and Diamond Supply Co.

Smelling Like Style with Dank Streetwear

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Nothing says stoner more than smelling danky. Nothing more except rocking these tanks from Dank Streetwear.

Gold Weed Money Tote from Huge Limited

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What better way to carry your belongs around the city than with this Gold Weed Money tote from Huge Limited?

New Website & Tees from WakeNBakeCo

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Along with a new website launched, WakeNBakeCo has put out some new tees for all you morning stoners (that you can also wear in the afternoon and at night).

5 Summer Stoner Essentials for Women

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Ah summer. Nice weather, beautiful beaches and a perfect time to blaze. Here are 5 summer stoner essentials for women. Now you can look fly while getting high.

Instagram Stoner Summer Giveaway

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Great news! Today we’re announcing the Instagram Stoner Summer Giveaway. We’re partnering up with high quality stoner brands and selecting 2 winners (1 male and 1 female) to win!

Stoner Snapbacks & Beanies from SX Clothing

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SX Clothing is a hip-hop and urban inspired brand coming all the way across the Atlantic. The Sunderland, UK based apparel company provides not only beanies and snapbacks, but also sweaters, and tees that fit right in with the stoner street wear scene.