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Cannabis 101 – Why The Term Bud?

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Hey you! Yes you!  Pass that joint and pay attention.  It’s Cannabis 101 – Why the term bud?  Brought to you by professor NextLevelEvolution.

The DEAs New Order

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Everyone knows that the DEA and the marijuana industry are at constant war. We have conflicting laws dictating the government from the individual states and, let’s face it, that’s ridiculous.

Where Did Cannabis Come From?

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Do you know where Cannabis came from?  Well if not, you’re about to!  We’re back with Cannabis 101 – Where did cannabis come from?  Courtesy of NextLevelEvolution.

Marijuana’s Effect on Alcohol Related Traffic Accidents

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Most people do agree that alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana but how do you convince others? Well now, thanks to authors of the Journal of Law & Economics, they have conducted research that shows marijuana’s effect on alcohol related traffic accidents has been a positive one.

Seattle Hempfest Doritos Priced at $50 on eBay

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This past weekend Seattle hosted its Hempfest and Seattle’s police department was in full force to protect and serve but mostly to defend against the munchies.

Lifeguards Find Pot On Gulfstream Park Beach

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Imagine sitting on a warm beach, watching the waves hit the shore, when all of a sudden, you hear some commotion. Looking down the beach, you see a lifeguard pulling what looks like a big soggy roll of seaweed out of the ocean.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Changes Mind On Weed

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is CNN’s chief medical correspondent, changes his stance on marijuana.

The United States of Marijuana

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Marijuana has been illegal since the 1920s. People believed it was bad enough to start a war against it. In my personal opinion, starting a war against a plant seems quite fruitless and let’s face it, the main drug that’s being “fought” in the “drug war” is marijuana.

Should We Allow Pets To Be Treated With Marijuana?

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Stoners love their pets. Animals are hilarious when they’re stoned and it is definitely a source of amusement to get stoned and mess with a laser pointer and watch the cat go nuts. But when pets get older and have to deal with more pain, should we allow pets to be treated with marijuana?

Spice: Making Marijuana Look Bad Since 2002

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If you smoke and watch the news, you already know about spice, the synthetic marijuana substitute that can only be sold under the label “not for human consumption”. Seems safe to smoke, right? Wrong.

Happy 7:10! From Cannabis Destiny

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Happy 7:10 dabbers and dabberman!  Heat your nails and prepare your dabbers.  What is 7:10 you may ask?

Medical Weed Is OK With Jewish Rabbi

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Jewish Rabbi’s are awesome. And down to earth. And hella sensible. MSN Now reports:

Happy Canada Day!

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Woohoo July 1st is Canada day baby!  Bring out the maple syrup and poutine!  Happy Canada Day!

World’s Oldest Cannabis Found in China

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Isn’t it CRAZY that cannabis prohibition exists today?  One of the arguments against cannabis prohibition is that there is not enough research on how THC and cannabinoids effect the human body.

High IQ Linked to Drug Use

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Now, don’t go out and buy a bunch of crystal meth because you believe you have a high IQ.  Below is the article high IQ linked to drug use.

Man gets 11 Pounds of Pot in the Mail by Mistake

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This sounds like every stoner’s fantasy. A California man gets 11 pounds of pot in the mail by mistake, when he opened a FedEx package containing the magical plant we call “marijuana”.

Marijuana News Around The Web – 5/28/13

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Marijuana is once again making headlines across the web. I’m just waiting for that day when I wake up and check the headlines and see cannabis off the list of hard narcotics. In the meantime, check out the Marijuana news happening around the web for 5/28/13.

Amanda Bynes Arrested For Weed Possession

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It was going to happen eventually, regardless of the marijuana possession. Hopefully now she gets sent to rehab to get the help she clearly needs (but hopefully they let her still Tweet).

Marijuana News Around The Web – 5/21/13

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Fresh off the presses are day’s Marijuana news around the web. So grab your coffee, and pack your bowls, (in no particular order) and enjoy.

Marijuana News Around The Web: 5/7/13

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Another day another marijuana headline. Here are today’s marijuana news around the web, just in time for the soon-to-be start of summer.

Marijuana News Around The Web: 4/30/13

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After a hiatus due to our 4/20 weekend in Denver, CO we’re back with some cannabis news! So sit back, and enjoy the morning with this weeks marijuana news headlines.

Front Lines At The 420 Rally Denver, CO

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We bring you front lines coverage of the 420 Rally that was held in downtown Denver at the Civic Center Park.

Booming Cannabis Tourism In Colorado And Washington

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Was there any doubt that this was bound to happen?  We are witnessing a booming cannabis tourism industry.  We are witnessing history in the making.

Marijuana News Headlines for 4/9/13

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Here are this morning’s cannabis and marijuana news headlines to start the day. Hope you enjoy either reading before work, during work, or after.

Marijuana News Links Around The Web: 4/2/13

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Your daily cannabis, weed, and marijuana news links around the web for the start of April. Enjoy!