The Champs Trade Show provides an amazing opportunity to connect buyers, manufactures, and distributors within the counter culture industry.  We had a great time talking with the attendees and capturing photographs of the many different businesses.  Champs holds several trade shows throughout the year and is perfect for anyone looking to connect with those in this industry.  Enjoy the pics below and def check out each brand by clicking their title.

Champs Trade Shows

DSC_0243 (Custom)

The amazing Samantha, office manager for Champs Trade Shows

Gas Technologies

DSC_0257 (Custom)


DSC_0273 (Custom)

Sahara Smoke

DSC_0289 (Custom)

710 Detox

DSC_0302 (Custom)

Champs Glass Games

DSC_0357 (Custom)

DSC_0334 (Custom)

DSC_0335 (Custom)

DSC_0354 (Custom)

DSC_0356 (Custom)

Sick pieces in the Champs Glass Games

White Rhino Products

DSC_0371 (Custom)

DSC_0378 (Custom)

The Counter Culture Magazine

DSC_0381 (Custom)

DSC_0386 (Custom)

Cali Vape

DSC_0392 (Custom)


DSC_0397 (Custom)

Boom Felazi

DSC_0410 (Custom)

DSC_0419 (Custom)

Trippy Glass Piece

DSC_0441 (Custom)

Vapor Outlet

DSC_0450 (Custom)

Infyniti Scales

DSC_0453 (Custom)

DSC_0458 (Custom)

Incognito Is Sinister

DSC_0463 (Custom)

Tammy’s Cool Things

DSC_0469 (Custom)

DSC_0481 (Custom)


DSC_0492 (Custom)

Vape World

DSC_0465 (Custom)

DSC_0494 (Custom)

DSC_0498 (Custom)

DSC_0499 (Custom)

DSC_0501 (Custom)

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers

DSC_0512 (Custom)

DSC_0513 (Custom)

Tasty Puff

DSC_0521 (Custom)

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