Here is Part 2 of our Champs Trade Show 2013 coverage. It was definitely an amazing experience to meet and network with all the businesses. Again make sure to check out all the businesses by clicking their link title.


DSC_0522 (Custom)

DSC_0525 (Custom)

Noble Glass Wholesale

DSC_0556 (Custom)

DSC_0564 (Custom)

420 Science

DSC_0571 (Custom)

Pulsar Vaporizers

DSC_0586 (Custom)

PHX Glass

DSC_0600 (Custom)


DSC_0604 (Custom)

Tube Lab

DSC_0618 (Custom)

Barto Glass

DSC_0623 (Custom)

Twisters Glassworks

DSC_0629 (Custom)

DSC_0639 (Custom)

Eyce Water Pipe Mold

DSC_0693 (Custom)


DSC_0702 (Custom)

Urban Ice Organics

DSC_0714 (Custom)

DSC_0718 (Custom)

Kosher Glassworks

DSC_0730 (Custom)

Sky High Products

DSC_0736 (Custom)

Pure Hemp

DSC_0755 (Custom)

No Stress Glass

DSC_0767 (Custom)

Dr. Greens

DSC_0875 (Custom)

Aer Electronic Cigarettes

DSC_0881 (Custom)

Whip-It Brand

DSC_0899 (Custom)

DFW Vapor

DSC_0910 (Custom)

Cloud Penz

DSC_0923 (Custom)

Burst O’ Flavor

DSC_0928 (Custom)

Iconic Dokha

DSC_0935 (Custom)

DSC_0940 (Custom)

Glow Industries

DSC_0993 (Custom)

Great Divide Glass Distribution

DSC_0996 (Custom)

CB Rollers

DSC_0003 (Custom)

Miguel Lopez of the Denver 420 Rally

DSC_0011 (Custom)

Santa Cruz Shredder

DSC_0020 (Custom)

DSC_0022 (Custom)


DSC_0032 (Custom)

Seedless Clothing

DSC_0078 (Custom)

DSC_0083 (Custom)

DSC_0086 (Custom)

Got Vape

DSC_0092 (Custom)

Head Choice

DSC_0104 (Custom)


DSC_0122 (Custom)

DSC_0128 (Custom)

Mary Jane Smokewear

DSC_0137 (Custom)

ALS Whizzinator

DSC_0152 (Custom)

Sasquatch Glass

DSC_0146 (Custom)

These are only some of the incredible businesses that were in attendance for the Champs Trade Show 2013. If you are looking to get into any sort of counter culture business the Champs Trade Show is the place to be! Make sure to make it to their next shows in Vegas and Atlantic City. Don’t forget to also check out part 2 of our coverage by clicking the link below.

Champs Trade Show Part 1