There are times when we don’t really feel like smoking but for some reason or another we do. Today we have taken time out of our day to discuss some of the reasons people smoke marijuana. Here are 5 common reasons we smoke weed.

1. Because of Peer Pressure

This is a huge one mainly because this may be the reason why we started smoking in the first place. Don’t be alarmed though it is non habit forming and not addictive.

peer pressure


Depending on your group of friends this may be a good thing.

2. Because of Insults

Many times have we been insulted to the point of smoking weed. Yes, this may be much like peer pressure but it is much different.



Smoking weed may be a cool thing but it doesn’t make you cool.

3. Because We’re Bored

Sometimes when there isn’t a damn thing to do and you have hours of idle time at your disposal you tend to break out the marijuana and smoke out.



If boredom leads you to smoking then we hope you get bored a lot.

4. Because It’s Medicine

Now there are a select few of us who actually use marijuana for medicinal purpose and at the same time enjoy its side effects.



Can’t wait for the day it is an Over The Counter cure for everything.

5. Because That’s What We Do

If you just like to get high because you just like getting high then your reason for smoking is that marijuana is you answer to all the bullshit the world brings to your doorstep.



You may also be a pothead.

We know we only covered some very general reasons for smoking so please give us some others that you may have.