Everybody loves cannabis edibles, especially the traditional brownie kind. But it’s always nice when someone just decides to bring in a whole line of cannabis confections for our enjoyment.

Established in 2004, CannisCookiesNConfections has been baking up a storm to provide patients in California with an easy way to take their medicine… And really enjoy it too! From delicious treats Canna Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing to CannaBanana Blueberry Bread, CCNC Edibles is the best place to get medicated deserts!

You can follow them on Instagram, @CannisCookiesNConfections, for more delicious pics. Check out a few of our favs below.

Canna Red Velvet Cake


Source: Instagram

CCNC Edibles Mint Girl Scout Cookie Brownie


Source: Instagram

What are some of your favorite cannabis edibles or cannabis bakeries? Let us know in the comments below.