We asked people at the Denver 420 Rally, what their favorite munchies are. Here are their responses!

The 420 Rally took place on Easter 4/20, at the Civic Center Park in Denver CO. We asked people various questions, and let them answer anything they wanted. Much love to everyone who participated in our Denver 420 Rally event coverage!

Cake & Pizza are always a good combo


His father makes it himself!

Edibles, Fruit Loop, and French Curls Oh My!


Captain Crunch always a good cereal choice


Healthy munchies


Vegetarian she is not


An acquired taste indeed


Must try a mac & cheese sandwhich!


 Taco Bell even has meal boxes catered to stoners


We like to dunk ours Oreo’s in milk


Another Taco Bell staple


They say once you go black…


Stay tuned for part 3 of our Denver 420 Rally coverage! Or, let us know what your favorite munchies are in the comments below.