Some of us have that one friend who we smoke with that is the ideal smoking buddy. Today we have a list of 6 Tips For Smoke Buddy Etiquette.

1. Grind it up for them

This is the hardest process of the whole marijuana smoking experience unless you have a grinder or can’t roll but even then whoever does this for you is a saint.



You better be getting the munchies or entertainment ready while they are doing this.

2. Have the pre-roll stash on deck

If you invite your friend to come smoke and they show up with their own weed or even better some pre rolls then you have yourself a Grade A friend.

pre rolls


Anyone willing to bring more marijuana to the party is more than a friend.

3. Provide fresh greens for the next bowl

If the bowl is cashed and your friend takes initiative to load another bowl and give you fresh greens then they are awesome.



If they don’t they are either too stoned or assholes.

4. Hold the wheel when their driving

If you guys are driving and smoking, which we highly do not suggest or condone, but if you do which we know you do and your friend happens to hold the wheel while you spark
up then they are definitely keepers.



If you are with someone of the opposite sex that you find attractive and they do this, marry them. Everyone needs a partner in crime.

5. See the same imaginary things as they do

Whether they actually see the same imaginary shit your tripping on or are just imagining it because you’re talking about it doesn’t matter. What matter is that they are operating on the same wave length as you and that means something.



Whatever you smoked that one time might’ve been laced.

6. Calm them down when the high is too strong

You’re tripping balls and don’t know what to do and the high just kicked in. You’re panicking and there is only one person who can calm you down. The person you smoked the shit that’s got you trippin. If this person can keep you calm and safe then you know they are more than trustworthy.



You owe this person one and the least you can do is be designated driver on one of their shitface nights.

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Let us know of some things that you guys desire in your smoking buddies, and what are you tips for a smoke buddy etiquette, in the comments below!