Often I wonder what it would be like to be able to use cannabis without breaking the law. This leads me to the idea of how blissful it would be to live in a world where cannabis carries no false stigma. I only advocate for the truth about cannabis use.

Many times I have had my high ruined due to anxiety or paranoia. This anxiety is largely due to the fact that cannabis prohibition is still in effect. While cannabis can sometimes naturally bring about paranoia, how wrong is it that those who use cannabis have to actually be paranoid about breaking the law? Doesn’t this compound the already existing paranoia effects of weed?

Whether you use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, you ultimately have to be concerned about being persecuted for your practices. This naturally counteracts the benefits of cannabis use. The effects of cannabis which normally include some sort of mild euphoria as well as numerous pain relieving effects are potentially hampered by global laws that punish the use of cannabis.

I look forward to a world where people can use cannabis without fear and without stigma. The lies and stigma surrounding cannabis have done far more harm than good. Let’s not get into the countless lives law enforcement and cartels have destroyed due to prohibition. The time for regulation and legalization was years ago.