Ah the morning after a night of partying, so many emotions come time mind. Here are a list of how people feel after a night of debauchery, as portrayed by animals.

1. Still sleepy, just wanting that cup of coffee.

The worse is when you have work the next day…that morning cup of joe + that morning jay couldn’t come soon enough.


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2. Super hungry!

But then again I’m always hungry. A night of partying + morning bud will increase hunger level ten fold.


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3. Hungover to various degrees depending on debauchery level. Aka “I feel like shit”

Depending on the level, the day will become harder and longer. Tolerance tends to decline as you get older.

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4. Lazy. Might as well cancel the rest of the day.

This is due to #3.


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5. Nostalgic.

Ah cause we can still remember those last 8 hours of last night. Well, most of it anyways.


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Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a party to run to. (JK I have no friends..) But, how do you usually feel after partying?