It’s tough enough being a responsible parent. But, it’s even tougher being a responsible stoner parent. Here are a few tips to handle the situation.

1. Use a vaporizer

This will let you avoid the smell of weed being on your clothes. That way, you don’t need to tell your kids about that “new cologne/perfume” that only daddy or mommy can use (yeah, I’m looking at you too moms!)



2. When you need to watch or take your child somewhere, DO NOT get high

Cause if you do you’ll probably end up not watching them, or NOT taking them where they need to go.



3. Only get high when your children are out of the house

They could be sleeping at a friend’s house, attending school / summer camp, or are grown enough to live on their own. That way, you can, like, you know, get high!



4. DO NOT get high before dinner

You’ll probably end up eating all the food, save some for your kids!



5. DO NOT follow anything this article says

This is a sad attempt at humor. Did you really just google “how to be a responsible stoner parent”? If so, high five…I mean…Hey! Don’t get high too much as a parent to begin with, THATS the advice right there.