We give insight on how to pick up the loose ratchets in the club. Because hey, nothing goes your way all the time (or in this case maybe any of the time).


The key to getting a loose ratchet in the club is to appear to not really give a fuck about them at all. Not in the drunken douche bag way, but you have to show just enough interest in them so they at the very least notice you. You go about your night like she was just apart of the scene and nothing more. Eventually at some point in the night if you are still in the same club or bar you will be within a close enough proximity or what I like to call the “striking distance”.

“Obi One Kennot give a fuck”

Gettin’ Their Attention

Next, either say or do something to draw her attention to you; this is your make it or break it moment. Now you need to say something that makes her feel like you were paying attention. I know this may contradict what I was saying earlier but appearing to not give a fuck about them and being observant are two different things. Your ice breaker has to be enough to engage a conversation/interaction. Keep this up until you are able to ask what they are doing later that night and if you can either accompany them or have them accompany you.

“How Ken swooped Barbie”

That Next Level

If all has worked out so far, you can now take your physical attraction, interactions, or partying to the next level. This is not only a heat check but a segway to an isolation technique. Once you’re able to head back to “the spot” be forward but not brash in your attempts to draw physical interaction, only if none has been made at this point. Have the mindset of you already know you’re going to have sex, it is just a matter of when. Once you’re able to do these things you will be able to bag chicks at your local bar.

Now go out there and get your dicks wet, virgins.

“A wild ratchet in the club”

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