When it comes to how we smoke weed, we all started somewhere. Some of us started with blunts others with bongs. We chronicle some of what many of you out there might have gone through the ages.

1. Junior High / Middle School

Their preferred smoking method is spoofing. This smoking style is preferred for this age range strictly for the main purpose of being inconspicuous. Spoofing is designed to mask the smell of marijuana by using a few dryer sheets stuffed into a paper towel roll and covering the opening. Once the paper towel roll is one with the dryer sheets you would then exhale through it in order to create a more desired smell for the parentals. Use more dryer sheets for the stronger stuff but you most likely won’t have stronger stuff at this age.


Source: http://mizztayboo.tumblr.com/

If your mom is looking for those dryer sheets blame it on your lack of drying knowledge.

2. High School

The first stage of progression. These kids are a mixed bag mainly because some started in junior high while others are just learning. There are two smoking styles these kids branch out to. Either attempting to roll a joint or buying a one hitter.


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If you want to get good at rolling find lots of tobacco and some papers. Practice with that.

3. Community College aka 10th Grade

Your interesting bunch of kids who learned how to roll really good and instead of papers now use either blunt wraps or have a favorite glass pipe laying around. Can usually burn through blunts with a few hits or cash a bowl in one breath.


Source: http://cnkier.tumblr.com/

Transfers to a four year university and realizes college is actually hard.

4. College/Young Adulthood

Smoking is now taken more seriously and is done in a variety of ways. A multitude of bongs, zongs, and vaporizers are now employed to maximize getting high beyond reason. In between experimenting with crazy shit like hash, oils, and edibles you somehow still prefer smoking.


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Where your adult decisions can actually effect your life. Like going to jail for drugs.

5. Employed (or Unemployed) Adult

By now you have surely figured out what method you like to best get you high. You’re most likely to have reverted back to the smoking style that has made you feel most comfortable or has been able to keep you from getting caught but whatever it may be just know that mini vaps aren’t a bad investment. Now go get weird.


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Thumbnail Source: http://mizztayboo.tumblr.com/

What were some of your experiences when smoking weed in your lifetime? Sound off in the comments.