With legalization in states like Colorado, and Washington, the demand for marijuana is at an all-time high. With more demand comes more jobs to help supply demand. So, is cannabis the next great US industry?

Everything from the actual production of marijuana, to even the food industry, there seems to be a cannabis connection. Yahoo! reports:

Some food-focused entrepreneurs are betting adult recreational marijuana becomes an alternative to wine consumption.

Denver-based party planner Jane West, owner of Edible Events, has been throwing parties for years. As the adult legalized marijuana market takes shape, she’s hosting her first cannabis-food party later this month at an art gallery. She has created a tasting menu specifically designed to pair with marijuana consumption.

Also, the article explains how the marijuana industry could model itself off how alcohol brands model themselves:

The obvious forecast is that you’d see an industry that looks like the beer industry,” said Jeffrey Miron, senior lecturer and director of Undergraduate Studies at Harvard University’s Department of Economics. Micro growers could produce more expensive, artisanal cannabis strains, with larger manufacturers producing more readily available varieties. “They could co-exist,” said Miron, an expert in the economics of libertarianism.

“The precursors of true national cannabis companies have emerged in the form of multistate licensors and are leveraging strong branding and scalable business models,” Berg wrote in his recent ArcView report.

What are your thoughts? Is cannabis the next great US industry? Or, do we have some time to go in order to get there. Let us know in the comments below!