Rolling Stone recently published an excellent article debunking some of the common myths surrounding cannabis.

The myths include:

  • Pot ruins the teenage brain
  • Pot can make you schizophrenic or depressed
  • Pot destroys your memory
  • Pot is a gateway to harder drugs
  • Pot is a dangerous even in modeartion
  • Pot has no medical benefits

First of all, I want to punch the person who created all these myths in the face.  My biggest concern is that the placebo effect is so very powerful.  So now you have all these people who smoke pot that think they should be depressed, or stupid, or have a bad memory.  How about we focus on the positive effects of weed?

Check out our survey on instagram to see the REAL reasons people smoke weed.  Responses include mental, physical, and social benefits.  How about we research some of those things?  Is weed bad for you?  Well, like with all things, that is something you need to figure out for yourself, home boy.