Comedic geniuses Key & Peele def bring marijuana to the mainstream in their skits. Great to see cannabis shown in a comedic light, than the negative norm we typically see on the news. Here are three Key & Peele Stoner Skits.

1. Key & Peele – Let Me Hit That

“After years of abstaining, Keegan decides he wants to try smoking weed again” Lol for sure had a lot of moments like these while blazed. If weed has gotten this strong since the 90’s, imagine how much stronger it will become in the future!

…Let me hit that…

2. Key & Peele – Obama: The College Years

“A young Barack Obama talks about his plans to throw the most inspirational party on campus ever.” And weed is definitely involved! It has been reported that Obama has def seen this impersonation, and we can probably all agree he finds it hilarious.

Lol, pretty sure this is an accurate representation

3. Key & Peele – High On Potenuse

“A student in math class tries to take back credit for a hilarious joke after his friend steals it.” Although no marijuana is consumed, the joke is still a pretty funny pot reference.

Always hated kids in class like this!

What do you think of these Key & Peele Stoner Skits? Let us know in the comments below!