Traveling to exotic locations all while learning about the world’s perspective on marijuana? Sign us up! Here is our Kings of Cannabis Review.

Deep in the jungles of Colombia lie three landraces of marijuana and Arjan Roskam is on the hunt for them with Franco Loja and Colombian connect El Gato. Arjan Roskam is the founder at Greenhouse Seed Company and Fraco Loja is the Head Breeder. The three rare landraces Roskam and crew are hunting for are Limon Verde, Punta Roja, and Colombian Gold. The gist of the documentary is Arjan, Franco, El Gato, the Vice guys, and some Colombian natives trekking through the jungles of Colombia surrounded by marijuana looking for rare seeds and discussing the legality and dangers of marijuana, its cultural aspects, the industry it has created, and its future.

The documentary shows us how Green House Seed Company is staying ahead of the marijuana industry and the dangers that come with an illegal substance that is wanted globally. After finding one of the three landraces Franco needs he states, “This is the original landrace material that I can breed, that I can store in my library, that I can use to create new genetics, that are going to win cannabis cups, that are going to put people in jail, that are going to change destinies and lives. And, this is why I wake up with a smile every fucking day for life.” While acknowledging the social aspects of marijuana as they pertain to him he also shows a deep devotion for what he does. The passion he has has put into the marijuana movement is the type of passion that is going to make the world realize marijuana is here to stay and there are people who are very serious about it.

Towards the end of the documentary we get a one on one with Arjan where he discusses his mantra on his lifes work and touches on his past with Shantibaba. When the documentary is over you feel that the work Arjan and his company are doing is what is going to help in legalizing the marijuana industry.

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