In the year 1776 one of the greatest countries in the world was born, America. This country was founded by people, everyday people, like me, for everyday people. What is special about this country are it’s freedoms. People come to America because they can follow whatever religion they want, have more rights, and more freedoms. Our founding fathers built this country for our personal liberties. With that being said, shouldn’t we have the freedom to smoke marijuana? The legalization of marijuana has been a very popular topic in America. Many cannabis fanatics have been gathering and fighting for their freedom to smoke.

Here’s a list of states in America that have legalized/decriminalized/allowed marijuana for medicinal use:

Legalized Marijuana:

Colorado, Washington


Nebraska, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, North Carolina, New York

Medicinal Use:

Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Delaware, New Jersey, New Hampshire

Both Decriminalized and Medicinal Use:

Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut

I will be updating with new information on legalization, benefits of marijuana, history of marijuana, and much much more so please look out for that! Also, there is way more information on marijuana laws, if you’re interested, at, check it out.