Imagine sitting on a warm beach, watching the waves hit the shore, when all of a sudden, you hear some commotion. Looking down the beach, you see a lifeguard pulling what looks like a big soggy roll of seaweed out of the ocean. Upon closer inspection, you realize that the roll of seaweed is actually a big round bale of marijuana.

The Palm Beach Post Reports:

Around 11:45 a.m. lifeguards at the park near 4000 N. Ocean Blvd., south of Briny Breezes, spotted the marijuana that washed ashore.

The lifeguards then called Gulfstream Police, who came to the scene to pick up the drug.

Police Chief Garrett Ward said this bale was unusual, as it was shaped like a small beer keg. They usually see the marijuana shaped like a bale of hay, Ward said.

The bale’s owner hasn’t been found and authorities are unsure of it’s origins. I would suspect that people are attempting to transport marijuana in illegal states in more clever ways as to avoid detection. However, now that the keg secret is out, this particular person needs to come up with a new sneaky plan.

The bale of pot was handed over to the Palm Beach County Sheriff and will remain in police custody. To the person who lost the bale, we’ll have a moment of silence for your salty marijuana.