Another day another marijuana headline. Here are today’s marijuana news around the web, just in time for the soon-to-be start of summer.

• Setback for medical marijuana as California court upholds local ban –
• Colorado measure to halt marijuana sales dies – Denver Post
• Obama and Marijuana: Then And Now – The New Yorker
• Feds Ramp Up Crackdowns On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – Think Progress
• Supporters Gather For Global Marijuana March In Fort Worth – CBS DFW
• Grand Rapids decriminalization of marijuana stands –
• Colorado Cannabis Collectives Offer High-Quality Marijuana Consumption Assistance –
• Montana’s Medical Marijuana Battle –
• Haggling Continues Over Marijuana Testing, Magazines – CBS Denver
• Man sold marijuana after being laid off –
• Synthetic cannabis creator says don’t smoke it – Otago Daily News
• No, dammit, cannabis isn’t harmless! –
• Restaurant owner grew cannabis – This Is Derbyshire
• Father fined for cannabis charges – Mandura Mail
• Law against cannabis is ‘unsubstantiated’ –

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