Ever smoke a blunt with someone only to find that they had limited experience with the herb? Today we have a list of 5 Marijuana Rookie Mistakes.

1. They Don’t Ash

This one can be forgiven once or twice but to continually be handed a blunt with ash ready to fall in your lap and burn a hole through your clothes is just inexcusable.


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To be kind make sure the ash tray is in front of them at all times.

2. They Get Way Too High Too Fast

If they took a pull of some less than grade A stuff and are in outer space then chances are you have a rookie on your hands.

too high too fast

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They have that blank wtf is going on stare.

3. They Cough on The First Hit

While many prefer to smoke till you choke we understand that you shouldn’t be choking right away unless of course you have some dank on your hands.


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The second someone throws up everyone needs to be cut off

4. They Fuck Up Rotation Often

The whose turn is it game can get really annoying really fast if it is the same person asking who they need to pass it to after each pull.


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Slowly isolate this person out of the circle until they learn

5. They Have No Coherent Sentences

The second you hear gibberish or self talk address the person and their well being and for god sakes sit them down and don’t let them out of your sight.


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Usually a sign someone might be on a bad trip

6. They Know None of The Stoner Slang

If you have to tell them more than once to hold the carb or explain ghosting then once again you are smoking with a rookie.


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Make terms up and see what happens but don’t be cruel.

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Let us know about some of your experiences with Marijuana Rookies in your circle by commenting below.