Trolls are fairly normal on the internet but when it comes to the marijuana community none rank higher. Today we take a look at the different trolls in the online marijuana community. Here are 5 Marijuana Trolls.

1. Quality Controll

This person is constantly posting about how other peoples weed looks like shit and that only they alone have the best weed you can’t find anywhere.



Can commonly be found trolling all social media outlets but not posting pics of their own private stock.

2. Dab Patroll

Haven’t you heard?! Dabbing is the newest way to get high and if you aren’t dabbing then you can’t get high. This trolls are the best because before it was known as dabs they never heard of it either.



Can spot this person misspelling everything or completely off topic in social media outlets.

3. Piece Police

These people are constantly harassing others who post pics using their glass because they feel it isn’t up to snuff. Unfortunately pieces are much like cars and you get what is affordable.



For some reason are always novice glass blowers still in training.

4. Promo Troller

They are promo rep for this and that and don’t forget to use their code for 10% off over there and 15% off over here. This person unknowingly works for companies competing against one another.



Randomly comments on pics that have nothing to do with what they are promoting.

5. Greenthumb Troll

I grow therefor I embody all knowledge of marijuana plants. False prophet of the herb and commonly misquotes more intelligent peoples outlook on marijuana.



They only grew marijuana once in real life and tons in video game simulators, so ya they’re experts.

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Know any more types of marijuana trolls? Give us a few more you encounter and let us know in the comments below.