Most people do agree that alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana but how do you convince others? Well now, thanks to authors of the Journal of Law & Economics, they have conducted research that shows marijuana’s effect on alcohol related traffic accidents has been a positive one.

A study was done by the Journal where they assessed traffic incidents involving alcohol from 1990-2010. What the found was that since the legalization of marijuana in certain states, traffic accidents involving intoxicated people fell 8-11% in the first year after marijuana was legalized. The authors of the journal wrote:

“The legalization of medical marijuana is associated with a 7.2 percent decrease in traffic fatalities in which there was no reported alcohol involvement, but this estimate is not statistically significant at conventional levels. In comparison, the legalization of medical marijuana is associated with a 13.2 percent decrease in fatalities in which at least one driver involved had a positive BAC level. “


While the journal doesn’t condone the idea of driving while stoned, it does show us that alcohol consumption and the dangers associated with it are decreased when marijuana is available to the public. Don’t you think it’s safer to smoke a joint and order pizza than drink a ton of beer and go for a “joy ride”? What do you think of marijuana’s effect on alcohol related traffic accidents?