This past Tuesday Maryland Senate approved a bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. The bill states that if the law were enacted you would be allowed up to 10 grams of marijuana for a civil offense with a max fine of 100$. Laws currently in place carry a max fine of 500$ and up to 90 days in prison.

The bill was headed up by State Senator Robert A. Zirkin who felt that it was necessary in order to cut back on spending.

The Baltimore Sun Reports:

“The legislation, crafted to avoid handing out jail terms for possession of small amounts of marijuana, would remove any criminal component to the prohibition of marijuana possession when a person is caught with 10 grams or less — about one-third of an ounce. The maximum fine would be a $100 fine. The current maximum is a 90-day jail term.

“It is a tremendous waste of resources,” said Sen. Robert A. Zirkin, the bill’s sponsor. Zirkin, a Baltimore County Democrat, said Maryland prosecutors don’t want to put people arrested for small amounts of marijuana through the criminal justice system.” .

Hopefully, this allows police to focus their attention on more pressing matters.

The time is approaching where this will slowly become a federal standard and eventually full legalization or regulation of marijuana will be discussed. Hang in there guys and exercise your vote!