We hung out with Miguel Lopez, who was the host of the annual 420 rally, and Robert Corry, who is the most successful medical marijuana attorney in the state of Colorado. Two very important people in the legalization of Marijuana. Here’s what went down.

Miguel Lopez


Miguel wishing he was blazing right now

During our recent trip to Colorado for the Champs Trade Show we ran into Miguel Lopez, a passionate well spoken marijuana advocate. After spending some time together at Champs he decided to take us down to the law office of his friend and attorney Robert Corry. Robert Corry is the most successful attorney pertaining to medical marijuana and has won more cases regarding medical marijuana than all of Colorado’s attorneys combined. After walking a couple of blocks, through an unassuming door, and up a hidden elevator we arrived at our destination.

Robert Corry


Robert’s answer after we asked him if we could stay for the after party

After introductions are made we are offered top notch greenery, as is custom in Denver, and discussed legal efforts made in Colorado and the progress that still needs to be made nationwide. We also discussed the current issue that has arisen in Colorado with the over taxation of marijuana which disenfranchises small business owners and gives big business a leg up on the competition. Outside of all of that they were very happy to point out that they personally handed out around 4,000 free joints last year which is pretty awesome if you ask me. After about 45 minutes we parted ways with Miguel Lopez and Robert Corry.

After leaving the office I then realized how important these two men were to the movement. This movement dies without people who are willing to expend their time and energy on something they truly believe in. The movement and the industry need people like these two men. They do a great service to anyone who wants to see the day where their freedom is no longer in jeopardy for enjoying marijuana in a recreational and/or medical capacity.