Minnesota medical marijuana will be pushing for 2014. Hopefully this time it will pass.

Yahoo News reports:

Minnesota lawmakers approved a medical marijuana bill in 2009, but it ran into a veto by then-Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Current Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton told The Associated Press in December that he wasn’t interested in decriminalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use. “I don’t think we need another drug operating in our society,” he said then.

Best of luck to Heather Azzi of Minnesotans for Compassionate Care. Medical marijuana bills have been approved in several states in the past and then not implemented by the leadership within that state’s government.

Is this not an injustice? What do you call a politician who disobeys the requests and desires of the people? Would you not say that this person is corrupt? Should not our leaders be for the people they lead?

Prohibition is fundamentally against what it means to be an American. Godspeed to those in Minnesota advocating for truth.