Maher says Lights, Camera, Spark It.

Social provocateur Bill Maher made headlines and possibly history in his most recent stand against senselessness. During his show “Real Time With Bill Maher” Mr. Maher warned smokers to “get your head out of your grass” and to stay vigilant, stating all of the progress made in the anti-prohibition movement can easily be “rolled back”.

“Stop treating it like you could never lose it”.

Bill Maher’s speech, began by pointing out other laws and rights that have regressed throughout the decades. Drawing parallels between the sharp decline in abortion clinics nationwide and the decline in  dispensaries operating in Los Angeles alone (from 700 to 200 in two years) Maher began to critique members of congress lack of support for Marijuana. Referring to Obama’s uber minimalistic backing of Cannabis in which he claimed it to be a “bad habit” Maher poignantly states the fact it’s hardly any support at all, saying “…when it comes time for congress to consider common sense pot legislation, it’s liking smoking a joint with Woody Harrelson, they just won’t pass it.”

After laying out some of the obvious obstacles to legalization, namely the money certain pharmaceutical institutions and govt. agencies would stand to lose as a result, Maher draws to attention a seriously troubling case.

Raymond Schwab was a military vet in Kansas suffering from PTSD and chronic pain. Raymond found Marijuana to be the most effective medicine for him and planned to move to Colorado, where Marijuana is Legal to grow and consume. Though the move is entirely within Mr. Schwabbs rights as a citizen of the U.S. and as a human being, the State of Kansas decided to strip his kids away from him under state and federal illegality of Marijuana. A heartless and likely illegal move.

Pointing out the pure hypocrisy of the situation Maher states  “I can’t think of another example of a drug that’s legal in one state, but not in another.” “…when I leave Colorado, Oregon, Washington or Alaska, my back pain doesn’t go away, or whatever it is I have.” Whatever the symptoms he must have felt a pretty serious onset, as he begins to light one up right then and there, leaving us with a sobering message. “Please remember, that legalizing pot is a long way from a done deal.” 

Stay Excellent, Party On.