Hmmm… what would it be like to be around 150,000 people congregating for the purpose of smoking weed?

Rawstory reports:

“Cannabis is illegal in Nepal, but under an ancient legal loophole authorities allow holy men — known as sadhus — to smoke it during an annual, often wild, celebration in honour of Hindu god Shiva.”

“Thousands of police officers have been deployed at the temple premises and more than 150,000 pilgrims are expected to celebrate Shivaratri, which is a public holiday in Nepal.

In recent years, police have cracked down on sadhus selling cannabis during the event, but this was the biggest arrest of pilgrims for drug use to date.” .

Wow. 150,000 people at a weed festival?? That’s like blazing up with the top 3 largest colleges in America; Arizona State University, University of Central Flordia, and Ohio State University.

I’m putting this on my bucket list.

Image Source: The Raw Story