Pokemon was awesome but as you get older you start to notice things differently. Like, do Pokemon get High? Here are 10 original pokemon stoners

1. Gloom #44

First off this Pokemon is listed as a “Weed” type. Secondly, if you coudln’t tell it has the facial expression of being way too high.


Source: orkwitch.tumblr.com

Thirdly, the damn thing is so high it is drooling.

2. Parasect #47

This is a “Grass” type Pokemon. If we are going based strictly off of facial expressions his is second to Gloom’s. That blank stare into nothingness is a good tell tale sign.


Source: willfosho.tumblr.com

We suspect he might also be on another kind of trip given that giant “Shroom.”

3. Weepinbell #70

This is one Pokemon that looks like it could easily clear any bong put in front of it or smoke a blunt in one breath. One of its skills is gluttony, we call that the munchies.


Source: willfosho.tumblr.com

Its mouth is always agape because it is too high to do anything about it.

4. Grimer #88

“I don’t do drugs, I am drugs” Salvador Dali. Nothing could be truer for a walking dab containing way too much butane.


Source: fromcracktochrist.tumblr.com

Yes, that was a Salvador Dali quote.

5. Muk #89

The evolution of Grimer and filled with even more butane. These guys were cooked up in some trailer alongside some meth most likely.


Source: charmeleonbucks.tumblr.com

The outcome of first time dabbers attempts at making their own.

6. Drowzee #96

He is like half dipped in wax and half not. Plus he looks like he was just sitting on the couch all day.


Source: eolo.tumblr.com

Claims to be psychic, is just really high.

7. Koffing #109

A floating ball that is internally forever clam baking and letting smoke out every once in a while.


Source: eskimohenkiiis.tumblr.com

Honestly he is just a loner stoner.

8. Weezing #110

The reason why Koffing evolves into this guy is because he just wanted someone to smoke with so bad he gains two heads.


Source: eolo.tumblr.com

Unfortunately they share the same brain and are now only half as productive as they used to be.

9. Magmar #126

He is easily identifiable as a stoner Pokemon. Looks like a mascot for an 80’s band. This one is only able to smoke blunts and joints.


Source: ampharos.tumblr.com

Never really needs a light.

10. Snorlax #143

Well you don’t get that big doing nothing. This guy s either eating or sleeping when he isn’t smoking.


Source: therandominmyhead.tumblr.com

Makes sense as to why you can always find him sleeping next to fields of grass.