The Barbados babe def gets down with weed. This time someone was caught with it on her tour bus.

E! reports:

“A search of the individual resulted in the discovery of a small amount of marijuana and civil penalty assessed,” he continued, and noted that the individual was not the singer (who was not even in the traveling party). The tour buses, along with the individual, were allowed to continue driving through to the States.

RiRi performed in Toronto on Tuesday and has a show scheduled at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit tomorrow.

Gotta love Rihanna for many reasons. 1) She has 0 fucks to give, and 2) She smokes weed. The moment they legalize weed is the moment these small minor reports will be less shocking. I even bet the border patrol men blazed the evidence, and hey I don’t blame him. Now if only they could charge a minor (or major) offense to her getting back with Chris Brown…

Image Source: Instagram via Rihanna