Ever make a late night munchies run, and you notice your friends order things off the menu? Now you can be in the know, with #HackTheMenu!

The #HackTheMenu website now reveals your favorite restaurant secret menu items. You can also gain some insight and learn more about each restaurant and their origin, double points to impress your date. Here are our favorite secret menu items and food spots.

1. In-N-Out: Animal Style Fries


Source: tumblr

2. Jamba Juice: Red Gummy Bear


Source: tumblr

3. Taco Bell: The Incredible Hulk


Source: #HackTheMenu

4. Subway: The Pizza Sub


Source: Pinterest

5. Dairy Queen: Banana Split Blizzard


Source: Pinterest

What are your favorite secret menu items from your favorite food spots? Let us know in the comments below.