Have you ever moved into a new place and wondered what else besides weed might you need for a great smoke room? Ya, well we did too and came up with this. Here are 6 smoke room essentials. This is purely for those who appreciate lounging, smoking, and conversing.

1. Comfortable furniture

This is at the top of our list mainly because sitting or laying is what you are going to be doing a lot of. We all know that there is one chair who everyone wants but only the owner of the home gets.


Source: televandalist.com

Try not to fall asleep with your shoes on.

2. Variety of pieces

There are so many different ways to blaze up that it is a must that there be two or more pieces as options. This is essential in large smoke groups.


Source: stonedisthewayofthewalk.tumblr.com

Hopefully you have named all of your pieces and aren’t a complete noob to the smoke game.

3. Good lighting

It is important to be able to see what is going on but please don’t turn on all the lights. We need a dim relaxed environment. We want the lighting to be comfortable enough to want to fall asleep but bright enough to stay awake.


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Our eyes are in a sensitive state.

4. Music

Music is not only a plus but a must. Having some nice background music playing while smoking up makes you feel like you are in a music video. Hopefully you and your friends are all in agreement on what is playing.


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Keep it nice and mellow after a long sesh.

6. Incense

If you would like for your home not to smell too smokey we would suggest you break out the incense. Sure, some might mistakenly believe you are into yoga but it is better than having people assume you are some degenerate pothead.


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There is nothing wrong with yoga but come on.

6. Great Friends to fill it

No one likes to just get high by themselves all the time. It is nice to have good friends to blaze with. Some of the best moments happen when there are witnesses. Why not have those witnesses be friends and not cops.


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There is nothing better than vibin with some friends while lifted and choppin it up.

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Keep this list in the back of your mind next time you’re shopping at Ikea. Most importantly enjoy yourselves and one another. Let us know if we missed anything.