There are many things people call those who engage in marijuana smoking activities, and today we are going to list a few. Here are 7 Smoker Classifications.

1. Pothead

Pretty simple and basic. One who enjoys getting stoned beyond recognition. The pothead is the person in the group that enjoys enough marijuana to sedate an elephant but somehow is still functional enough to make a sandwich.



These people only have jobs to support their marijuana consumption.

2. Criminal

While you might not consider yourself one of these while enjoying some good old marijuana the police definitely do and no matter what kind of smoker you consider yourself you will most likely be identified by police as this.



It isn’t saying much that their beliefs aren’t back by science, I mean after all some of this guys barely made it past high school.

3. Hippie

If your parents smoked weed back in the day this is what they were most likely called. Making a resurgence as of late these people are those who smoke in order to get into touch with their true selves, be close to nature, and have an overall mellow time.



We don’t knock them one bit. Every once in a while you need to run around the woods naked.

4. Burnout

Very similar to a pothead but the dividing difference is conventional unemployment and lack of hygiene. These guys are the worst case scenario for people who smoke marijuana. It is almost like they were trapped in a certain time period of their lives and never moved forward. Currently the over aged pot dealer who doesn’t understand how to use technology.



Not only do they make the stoner community look dated and lazy but just down right dirty.

5. Stoner

Pretty standard amongst the peoples. You smoke entirely less than people think you do but entirely more than you should. Not necessarily lazy but more like unmotivated. The stoner is the midpoint of smokers across all kinds of people.



Most likely the smoker who has things somewhat together.

6. Abuser

Has an unhealthy belief that everything while high is far superior to life sober, including bad experiences. This person literally walks through life with their head in the clouds and encourages all to join them. Either the eccentric genius out of the bunch or the wildly bizarre character.



Unrealistic expectations follow this person everywhere they go, closest thing to an Always Sunny in Philadelphia character with smoking habit.

7. Herbivore

Everything this person owns is hemp this and hemp that. Believes that the cannabis plant holds all of the answers to life’s secrets and only refers to marijuana as medicine. Most likely to shop at an all organic store and pay outrageous prices for the green lifestyle.



We never kock this person but they fail to understand that some people just like to get high aside from the medical benefits.

Which stoner classification are you, or what should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!