Anti smoking ads have been around since the dawn of media. We’ve all heard of Reefer Madness, which is now as funny as any stoner comedy because, let’s fae it, that movie is absurd. But what other anti pot ads have been released in an attempt to shun Mary Jane? I’ve chosen a few for your stoner enjoyment…

1. Anti Weed Commercial

I’m not sure what this girl was actually smoking because my dog nor my cat have ever spoken to me while I’m high… Besides the usual meow or bark when they suspect I have treats. This commercial just straight up doesn’t make sense. Not the best idea to use a talking dog in an anti pot commerical.

Source: YouTube

2. Anti Pot Ad

This video took a hint from E.T. apparently because that’s all I can think of when I watch it. This ad was even referred to in an episode of Family Guy (Meg is on the couch, deflated and Lois asks what’s wrong with her. Stewie replies “oh she smoked some pot”). And “peer pressure” is a phrase I haven’t since D.A.R.E. If you’re smoking weed just because your friends are, then you shouldn’t be wasting the weed.

Source: YouTube

3. Anti Marijuana Commercial

It was hard to get through this one. Ads from the 70s are the funniest. They’re just so… Cheesy? The fact that they titled the ad “The Blunt Truth” is even better. This ad makes me want to smoke more weed! The language they use in this is great as well. The narrator is apparently “hip” and “cool”, like the stoners he’s talking badly about.

Source: YouTube

4. Anti Marijuana Ad / Commercial

First of all, no stoner I know or have ever known has gone to get fast food and not had any money. Stoners love fast food. There’s no way any of you would drive to get food and not have money. Getting food is a necessity when you’re stoned. You make sure to double check your wallet before you leave the driveway. Second, I don’t think I’ve known any stoner to run down a small child on a bike while high. Drunk people, maybe. But never a stoner. There is no such thing as fast acceleration when you’re stoned out of your mind.

Source: YouTube

5. Anti Cannabis Advert

There are all different types of stoners. This dude is just suffering from multiple personality disorder. You’re either paranoid or hungry, relaxed or talkative. There is none of this insane inner conflict like in this commercial. When people smoke, everyone does their own thing. I’ve never known anyone to freak out this hard on weed.

Source: YouTube

6. Anti Marijuana Pubic Service Ad

The first time I watched this, I didn’t know if it was serious or not until I read the comments. I guess it’s a parody of an anti pot ad but I thought this was just way funnier. The “IS THAT A DOOBIE” line gets me every time. And if you know of anyone who has suffered a head explosion while smoking a joint, then please let me know as I would like to try this mind blowing strain đŸ˜‰

Source: YouTube

7. Not Again Commercial

Listen, guys, if you smoke weed, an alien WILL steal your girlfriend. This has to be my favorite ad campaign for anti marijuana. I think they released three of these total, all of which are equally hilarious. The crude drawing and yellow background just make it.

Source: YouTube

8. Marijuana Vs Crystal Meth (funny but true video)

This isn’t really an anti weed ad but it’s a good laugh when you’re stoned. A giant nug of weed arguing with a shard of crystal meth is too good. You really need to be stoned to enjoy this one. It’s funnier when you’re sober but even funnier when you’re baked and coughing with the nug when he rolls up a joint… of himself.

Source: YouTube

9. Long Term Effects of Marijuana

Unfortunately for this guy, he can’t articulate a sentence while he’s sober so I can only imagine how quiet and zoned out this dude would be if he was high. This guy is the friend that falls asleep. Not only that but half of the things that he listed as “side effects” from marijuana use are results of other drugs given out by Big Pharma. I started smoking to relieve anxiety rather than taking prescription drugs and it’s working out pretty well for me.

Source: YouTube

10. National Anti-Drug Strategy Commercial

What I really don’t understand is why these commercials use the younger kids in these awful PSAs. I mean, it makes sense if they’re still teaching D.A.R.E. in school. But when I was 13, I had no idea what cocaine or ecstasy was. I honestly can’t even remember what the D.A.R.E. officer actually talked to us about. Also, the only term that I hear being used from this video is “green”.

Source: YouTube

There’s my ten best (or worst depending on how you look at it) anti marijuana ads. Some of them are funny and some of them are just plain goofy. These aren’t in any particular order, just a couple I think are funny. If anyone has any more ads that they think are funny, feel free to send them to me in an email at and I’ll do a second list of marijuana ads if I get enough submissions!

Stay high, my friends!

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