No combined group of people in the world eats more cereal than stoners. But have you ever wondered about how their mascots were selected? Here are 5 stoner cereal mascots. Today we have a list of mascots and how we think they were chosen.

1. Wendell The Baker

Cinnamon Toast Crunch couldn’t have chosen a better mascot. The fact that a baked baker creates this toasted cereal just shows where their head was at on this one.



How many stoners do you know named Wendell wtf?!

2. Trix the Rabbit

Anyone that can be bested by children on a consistent basis is definitely on drugs. This rabbit is no exception. His body language says it all.



Silly rabbit, more like stoned rabbit.

3. Snap, Crackle, and Pop

These three guys are The Workaholics of the cereal mascot world.



Surprisingly the only upper these guys are on is sugar.

4. Sugar Bear

This bear is too mellow. Sugar Bear is the reason why your cereal box might be a little lighter than expected.

sugar bear


Lets not even get into his facial expression.

5. Captain Crunch

Definitely not a Captain and if he was that title was stripped for getting lost one too many times.



Again, just look at how he was originally depicted.