You think men are the predominant stoners? Women are known to get blazed too. Cue Bong Beauties. This brand aims to cater to the female stoner demographic, offering them tees, headbands and even vape holders.

They are also active on Instagram, with networks of #bongbeauties hashtagging themselves. Extensive research was put fourth into this hashtag, and the outcome is clear. Women are a definite force to be blazed with, and Bong Beauties is definite gear all stoner babes should get.

Check out more Bong Beauties apparel on their website: So men, now you know what the perfect gift to buy for your girlfriends. Check out a few of their items below.

White Deep V-Neck


Black Tank Top


Leaf Headband


2×4 Clear Sticker


Cloud Necklace


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Thumbnail Source: Bong Beauties Instagram via pincheflowerway