It is about that time of year where the short shorts and tank tops come out to play, where you stay awake from sundown to sunup. It is summer and it is time to enjoy beautiful nighttime weather and marijuana. Today we are going to take you through the average stoners ideal summer day.

Wake and Bake

You wake up like any other day. It is close to noon and your morning was wasted in bed. You wake and bake and then decide to grab something to eat and veg out for a bit. It is summer but it hasn’t been kicked into full swing yet. You figure today is going to be like any other day so you decide to be lazy.



Summer laziness is a whole other level.

High Noon

Since noon was right around the corner you decide to have lunch. Why not? you’re baked and still have the munchies. Time is ticking away and you figure this is going to be like any other uneventful day. Also, it is scorching outside and you want no parts of that.



Now you’re just sitting on the couch looking like “The Dude” with nothing to do.

Still High Afternoon

Time dwindles down and it is almost 4:20. You get baked again and veg out. Out of the blue your friend calls you to tell you about this new strain of weed he just copped for super cheap and wants to know if your down to blaze. Now you guys are playing video games and getting high.



This is usually followed up with disturbing internet videos.


Your friend gets a call from an acquaintance about a party. The sun has finally faded off in the horizon and it is finally cool enough to go outside. You guys get ready and head out to pick up another friend but not before blazing.



You get a glimpse of epicness on your way and get a little stoked for the party.

Mid High at Midnight

You’re expectations for this little something aren’t much but as soon as you pull up it is a full on rager and your excitement now exceeds your high. Showtime.



This is the night that starts your summer and sets the bar for all summer parties.

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Stay Lifted out there and don’t forget to tag us in your summer smoke outs