A Brief History of Medical Marijuana

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The usage of Medical Marijuana has been documented for centuries. Today we take a look at A Brief History of Medical Marijuana, as well as share some pictures of beautiful bud. Enjoy!

What Are Dabs?

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Back with more cannabis 101. Today we provide some information on this alternative way to smoke weed, and try to answer the question…What Are Dabs?

Cannabis 101 – Why The Term Bud?

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Hey you! Yes you!  Pass that joint and pay attention.  It’s Cannabis 101 – Why the term bud?  Brought to you by professor NextLevelEvolution.

Where Did Cannabis Come From?

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Do you know where Cannabis came from?  Well if not, you’re about to!  We’re back with Cannabis 101 – Where did cannabis come from?  Courtesy of NextLevelEvolution.

How Long Have Humans Been Using Cannabis?

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Before this age of pharmaceutical medicine, we were using whatever the earth gave us.  With that being said, we’ve been using cannabis as a natural remedy for a long time.  We bring you Cannabis 101 – How Long Have Humans Been Using Cannabis? Courtesty of NextLevelEvolution.

What Is A Strain?

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I hope you ate your banana and oatmeal this morning, we’re back with Cannabis 101 – What is a strain?  Brought to you by NextLevelEvolution.

The Different Names Of Cannabis

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Welcome to Cannabis 101 where you are guaranteed to learn something new about your favorite plant!