10 Sexy Women With Weedstaches Part 1

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Probably the only time I find a stache attractive on a women, is when it’s a weedstache. Using either actual weed or a blunt, there’s something oddly sexy about it. Here are 10 sexy women with weedstaches.

15 Instagram Cuties In The Clouds Part 1

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What better way to show yourself taking flight than to post it on Instagram? These babes, using various forms of flight transportation, are reaching new heights. Here are 15 Instagram cuties in the clouds.

10 Vine Videos of Girls Who Smoke Weed

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Ah the internet and technology. We’ve come from 56k dial-up to now being able to watch women light it up on Vine! Here are 10 Vine videos of girls who smoke weed.

12 Hippie Stoner Chicks Part 1

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There is something inherently hippie about a stoner babe. Whether it’s their free spiritedness, or free lovingness, there’s no denying their sexiness. Here are 12 hippie stoner chicks who fit all three.

Weed Watch: Successful Stoner Clothing

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What does it take to be successful and stoned? Rocking one of these tanks or tees from Successful Stoner is a start. Just more proof that women are down to blaze just as much as men.

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Source: Instagram

12 Cannabis Cuties On Instagram

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12 Cannabis Cuties On Instagram

5 Random Weed Facts + Sexy Women

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Random weed facts juxtaposed onto beautiful women? I think I would have had better grades in school if this type of teaching was implemented.