6 Smoke Room Essentials

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Have you ever moved into a new place and wondered what else besides weed might you need for a great smoke room? Ya, well we did too and came up with this. Here are 6 smoke room essentials.

6 Alternative Ways To Smoke Weed

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Have you ever run out of papers and have no pieces laying around? Well, hopefully you are creative enough to make something out of nothing. Here our 6 alternative ways to smoke weed.

6 Microwavable Munchies

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Have you ever had the munchies so bad you would eat anything in sight? Problem is you’re too lazy to cook or even order out? Word, us too. Here are 6 microwavable munchies for that instant gratification.

Hiliarious THAT High Guy

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Everyone knows THAT high guy.  Actually, I think we're all this guy at some time.  "Like.. what if our universe is just a spec.. on a leaf"

4 Stoner Transportation Methods

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A stoner’s journey through the world can lead to many methods of transportation. Even using his thumb to get a couple hundred miles if possible. Today we bring you a list of 4 major methods of stoner transportation. Always travel safe when high!

6 Video Games That Will Blow Your High

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Have you ever played a game that actually scared you? We have too and we have a list of games that do just that.

High Maintenance Web Series

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Janky Clown Productions presents their High Maintenance web series, chronicling a bike riding weed dealing hipster in New York. With that, they have created something unique, interesting and hilarious.

10 Trippy Pics While Stoned Part 1

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Want to have a unique time while high?  Spend some time looking at these 10 trippy pics.

High Guy Wins on Judge Judy

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This guy really has ran out of fucks to give.