Pipe Jewelry From Boro Ballers

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There are all kinds of glass out there these days, from chillums to rigs. Every piece is different and some are incredibly complex, while others are simple. I’ve seen tons of different pieces over the years but I have to say I think I’ve found a new favorite!

The DEAs New Order

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Everyone knows that the DEA and the marijuana industry are at constant war. We have conflicting laws dictating the government from the individual states and, let’s face it, that’s ridiculous.

Marijuana’s Effect on Alcohol Related Traffic Accidents

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Most people do agree that alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana but how do you convince others? Well now, thanks to authors of the Journal of Law & Economics, they have conducted research that shows marijuana’s effect on alcohol related traffic accidents has been a positive one.

What’s In Your Rolling Papers?

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I don’t know about you guys but the first rolling papers I’d ever heard of was the Zig Zag. The orange package to be specific. I didn’t actually know that there were other kinds of Zig Zag papers until very recently (I’m definitely a glass lover).

Lifeguards Find Pot On Gulfstream Park Beach

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Imagine sitting on a warm beach, watching the waves hit the shore, when all of a sudden, you hear some commotion. Looking down the beach, you see a lifeguard pulling what looks like a big soggy roll of seaweed out of the ocean.

Delicious Cannabis Edibles From CCNC

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Everybody loves cannabis edibles, especially the traditional brownie kind. But it’s always nice when someone just decides to bring in a whole line of cannabis confections for our enjoyment.

The United States of Marijuana

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Marijuana has been illegal since the 1920s. People believed it was bad enough to start a war against it. In my personal opinion, starting a war against a plant seems quite fruitless and let’s face it, the main drug that’s being “fought” in the “drug war” is marijuana.

Should We Allow Pets To Be Treated With Marijuana?

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Stoners love their pets. Animals are hilarious when they’re stoned and it is definitely a source of amusement to get stoned and mess with a laser pointer and watch the cat go nuts. But when pets get older and have to deal with more pain, should we allow pets to be treated with marijuana?

Spice: Making Marijuana Look Bad Since 2002

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If you smoke and watch the news, you already know about spice, the synthetic marijuana substitute that can only be sold under the label “not for human consumption”. Seems safe to smoke, right? Wrong.

10 Myths About Marijuana & Why They’re Absurd

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Every stoner has enjoyed a good laugh over some of the ridiculous things that some people say about marijuana. It’s absurd how many lies are floating around about the plant and what it actually does to the human brain and body.

Alcohol Vs Marijuana

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Alcohol vs marijuana is a constant argument between my friends and I. I find it strange that there are people who like alcohol more than weed.

Some of the Best (And Worst) Anti Marijuana Ads

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Anti smoking ads have been around since the dawn of media. We’ve all heard of Reefer Madness, which is now as funny as any stoner comedy because, let’s fae it, that movie is absurd.

Miss Botwin’s Marijuana Spliffstory

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This is my first post on Cannabis Destiny! My name is Miss Botwin. I’m a canabis enthusiast from the east coast. The only thing that I enjoy more than smoking pot is writing about it.