10 LOL Random Weed Humor Pics

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When I first started getting high it seemed weed made everything x 100 funnier.  What a great fucking plant.  Laughter does good like medicine right?

10 WTF Random Weed Pics Part 2

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We’re back with 10 WTF Random Weed Pics!  Smoking weed tends to bring out more WTF moments in life.  Whether it’s you smoking or your buddy, you both my end up doing some silly WTF shit.

18 Cool and Random Weed Pics Part 2

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Weed is everywhere.  I remember receiving seeds from the UK for the first time.  Weed can be grown and mailed everywhere.

13 Cool And Random Weed Pics

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They say cannabis can help with creativity.  There must be some truth to that right?  Here are 13 Cool and Random Weed Pics for proof!

10 LOL Random Weed Pics

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They say weed increases some individual’s creative process.  It might be true.  Consider these 10 LoL random weed pics and get back to me 😉

15 Random WTF Weed Pics

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Stoners have been known to do some wild stuff.  The internet has more than enough proof of that.  So without further adieu , here are 15 random WTF weed pics for your enjoyment!