A Stoner’s Ideal Summer Day and Night

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It is about that time of year where the short shorts and tank tops come out to play, where you stay awake from sundown to sunup. It is summer and it is time to enjoy beautiful nighttime weather and marijuana.

This is the End Review

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We have a review for the new Seth Rogen and friends film.

15 Stoner Babes Blowin’ O’s

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Nothing is sexier than seeing a girl’s O face, you know, when she’s blazed. Here are 15 stoner babes blowin’ o’s.

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Coming soon! If you’re on Instagram def check out our Stoner Summer Giveaway.  Check out the full details here: http://cannabisdestiny.com/instagram-stoner-summer-giveaway/

10 Redheaded Stoner Babes Part 1

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For some reason, redheads get a bad rep. But for us, there’s nothing sexier than a girl who looks blazed, literally, from head to toe. Here are 10 redheaded stoner babes.

9 Stoner Movie Characters We Can Relate To

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Have you ever watched a movie and felt connected to a stoner character? You both had a lot in common whether you wanted to admit it or not? Well today we have a list of 9 stoner movie characters we can relate to.

13 Babes Rockin Bong Beauties

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With summer coming around the corner, what better way to stay baked than with some gear from Bong Beauties? These girls def know what’s up. Here are 13 babes rockin Bong Beauties, straight from Instagram.

5 Frequent Questions You Hear When High

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Being high around people who don’t know you can be annoying. Especially when you are trying to keep it low key. They will usually approach you and bombard you with questions about how you look. Here are 5 frequent questions you hear when high.

Stoner Summer: Shades From Miako Apparel

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With summer coming, that means more sun and more beach time. What better way to block blazing sunlight, as well as blazing red eyes, than with shades from Miako Apparel?

Freshly Cultivated: Homegrown Outfitters

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For the stoner that lives that life, Homegrown Outfitters is your brand. With celebs such as Redman & Method Man, Snoop Lion and Kreayshawn rockin’ their gear, you know these fits are a must have for any stoner’s wardrobe.

5 Minimal Stoner Movie Posters Part 1

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We’ve combined the classic minimal poster design style, with stoner movies. What better way to get at a stoner movie’s core (aka weed & laughter between buddies)? Here are 5 minimal stoner movie posters.

9 Animal Stoners That Get Higher Than You

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Am I the only one who tries to get animals stoned? No? I didn’t think so.

6 Alternative Ways To Smoke Weed

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Have you ever run out of papers and have no pieces laying around? Well, hopefully you are creative enough to make something out of nothing. Here our 6 alternative ways to smoke weed.

8 Hipster Stoner Chicks Part 1

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The defining feature of a stoner babe is pretty obvious. The defining feature of a hipster chick is pretty subjective. With that in mind, here are 8 hipster stoner chicks, with the shared feature of being cool and stoned.

12 Hippie Stoner Chicks Part 1

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There is something inherently hippie about a stoner babe. Whether it’s their free spiritedness, or free lovingness, there’s no denying their sexiness. Here are 12 hippie stoner chicks who fit all three.

4 Stoner Transportation Methods

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A stoner’s journey through the world can lead to many methods of transportation. Even using his thumb to get a couple hundred miles if possible. Today we bring you a list of 4 major methods of stoner transportation. Always travel safe when high!

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Stoner Girl Apparel From Bong Beauties

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You think men are the predominant stoners? Women are known to get blazed too. Cue Bong Beauties. This brand aims to cater to the female stoner demographic, offering them tees, headbands and even vape holders.

5 Ways How to Not Look Like a Stoner

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Some of us walk around and at times wonder how the world might perceive us. If you smoke weed you tend to do this a lot more than others. So here are 5 ways how to not look like a stoner and avoid any negative/unwanted attention when it comes to your wardrobe.

13 Baked Blonde Babes Part 1

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Ah the standard of beauty. Blonde hair and big…eyes. Check out these 13 baked blonde babes of various blondeness, who are def in the clouds.

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How We Smoke Weed: Through the Ages

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When it comes to how we smoke weed, we all started somewhere. Some of us started with blunts others with bongs. We chronicle some of what many of you out there might have gone through the ages.

10 Stoner Babe Gifs Part 1

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What better way to capture the beauty of women and smoking than a gif. It’s like instant video! Check out these 10 stoner babe gifs, preferably high, (Or not, it’s all the same).