Drunk Vs Stoned

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Drunk vs Stoned.  What impairs you more?  BuzzFeed takes alcohol and weed to the test with Drunk vs Stoned.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Does Reddit AMA

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When Dr. Sanjay Gupta publicly changed his position on medical marijuana, it sent a resounding message to America that the existing stigma surrounding marijuana was full of inaccuracies.

Key & Peele Stoner Skits

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Comedic geniuses Key & Peele def bring marijuana to the mainstream in their skits. Great to see cannabis shown in a comedic light, than the negative norm we typically see on the news. Here are three Key & Peele Stoner Skits.

Katt Williams: Weed Is Not A Drug Animation

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The guys over at certifiedfunny.com added an animated touch to the classic comedian. Here is Katt Williams: Weed Is Not A Drug Animation.

9 Sexy Stoner Instagram Videos

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Now that Instagram allows for 15 second videos, the world has become a more awesomer place! Especially when it comes to beautiful women getting blazed. Here are 9 sexy stoner Instagram videos.

10 Vine Videos of Girls Who Smoke Weed

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Ah the internet and technology. We’ve come from 56k dial-up to now being able to watch women light it up on Vine! Here are 10 Vine videos of girls who smoke weed.

Marijuana Cannon Shoots Weed To Celebrity Stoners

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Now only if Conan can release that marijuana cannon to the rest of the world, we’ll be set! Cause why stop at celebs?