As if being Asian wasn’t awesome enough, here are 5 reasons why being an Asian stoner can work to your advantage.

1. The “All Asians Are Responsible” Stigma

Police will never suspect you to have possession of weed because they’re probably thinking “oh, hes Asian, he can’t be a bad guy”. (Does not apply to Asians with crazy dragon tattoos. They’ll just think you’re part of the yakuza.)

Probably the only law enforcement squad that this would apply to


2. Asian Eyes

When you are high, nobody can tell since you’re eyes essentially stay the same.


Pretty Much


3. The Race Card

And if someone accuses us of being high, because of how our eyes look squinted, (a side effect of being stoned), we can call them out for being racist.


That’s Racist!


4. Old Heritage Disguises

We can say this bud is actually herbs from our parent’s zen garden.


Your so-called kung-fu… is really… quite pathetic.


5. Being Smart

We’re smart, so we will devise a way to profit and corner the market in our local area. We would be the least suspected as well because of “all Asians are responsible” stigma.


Everyday I’m studyin’


Now, if you asked us to be in a porn movie, thats a different story. (ps. I’m Asian so I can say this stuff.)