Everyone knows that the DEA and the marijuana industry are at constant war. We have conflicting laws dictating the government from the individual states and, let’s face it, that’s ridiculous. The fact that the DEA still storms and raids growers and dispensaries is appalling and this new idea of theirs just adds to the frustration associated with our cause. This is the DEAs New Order.

The DEA has now ordered all security and armored trucks to stop assisting dispensaries with their bank deposits. Dispensaries rely on these vehicles to transport large amounts of cash since the federal government has been pressuring banks to deny dispensaries loans and credit since 2011. So if the dispensaries can’t use the banks and now they can’t transport their profits… Well that’s just completely unfair. With no armored transport, the people in the dispensary will always be in danger during transport.

It’s hard to understand why the government keeps fighting the inevitable legalization of marijuana. If enough people fight for our cause, they can’t quiet us forever. The president says that there are bigger issues at stake but yet it seems that for every step forward we take, the government is there to shove us back. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that some day, the government will finally realize the extreme benefits and large revenue to be gained from marijuana.