Welcome to Cannabis 101 where you are guaranteed to learn something new about your favorite plant! Our professor is NextLevelEvolution and our first topic is:

What are the different names of cannabis, and why am I calling this plant cannabis?

First, I am scientist with a degree in molecular biology.  The plant otherwise known by many names, most commonly marijuana is scientifically known as Cannabis. The term “marijuana” is derived from Mexican Spanish and its etymology is debatable and generally unknown (1). During the crackdown on cannabis in the early 1900’s, the term marijuana or marihuana was used by the government and media to tie the plant to the anti-Hispanic sentiment that was going around the country at the same time (2).

There are hundreds of other names for the plant and its derivatives: weed, Mary Jane, pot, hemp (the low THC plant used for making paper and fabric, among other things), grass, ganja, skunk (because it can smell like skunk spray), herb, hashish (the crystals from the plant containing almost exclusively THC and cannabinoids, which have been smoked in Asia since early recorded history) and many more. Not to mention that each “strain” of cannabis is given its own name, some of which are quite interesting.

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